Sculpture |  Sun Clock, 2015
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Hebron Floor tile and painted Iron cast

Door: 40 x 20 x 20cm

 5 CALLS is an exact replica of the pivotal green door that appears in the  video work ISHMAEL (2015). The door is extracted from the video as a souvenir, a symbolic protagonist, stripped of its function as a partition between the areas designated for Muslims and Jews inside the Cave of the Patriarchs, and turned into a monument.


5 CALLS point our attention to the way a mundane object is turned into a mechanism of segregation, an apparatus turned active or inactive according to political protocols.


This sculpture, a made-up artifact, cast in iron and designed for indoor and outdoor display, serves as a small monument, scaled to size according to Middle-Eastern Colonialist miniatures. 

The door is set on a local floor tile which serves as a pedestal.

The tile is engraved with five thin lines, marking the exact five times at which muslims are summoned to prayer.

As the prayer cycle is pre-detrained according to the moon cycle, the specific marks on 5 CALLS sculpture represent the particular hours of prayer on March 18th 2015, the day the work ISHMAEL was filmed.