2018  |  Mojave Desert, California
Multi Channel Video installation

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Curator Hamza Walker:

Pereg's solo exhibition at LAXART premiers the second part of Pereg’s “Redemption” trilogy, a body of work that deals with the heritage of ideology and its religious, political, and economic representations.

The first part was exhibited in 2017 with the work This Red Red Stuff.

This new body of work relates to the militaristic role in the notion of Redemption and revolves around the site of Fort Irwin National Training Center, a major training area for the United States Military located in the Mojave Desert. Fort Irwin is a simulation of another place—a Middle Eastern town—that becomes a subject of investigation into the nature of authenticity, fiction, and the theater of war. 

The exhibitions holds two titles from two different ideological sources juxtaposing biblical and commercial mythology's, alluding to possible union of these two power structures. It is strongly manifested in Pereg's deign of the logo of the exhibition title, merging, almost "branding" the work’s core position toward the events.

The work is a document of a staged training exercise during which soldiers play civilians; Iraqi-American immigrants portray Iraqi citizens; and shipping containers are used to simulate Middle Eastern bazaar-lined streets.

Accordingly, the exhibition takes on the rhetorics of a play, re-staging a staged event in the exhibition space at the gallery space of LAXART, turning the viewers into participants, players in a multi event performances.


     As America’s embedment in the Middle East has become increasingly entrenched, complicated, and violent, the Armed Forces are looking to theater and performance as counter strategies to keep apace with the shifting specificities of combat. Pereg seeks to blur the boundaries between “real’” and “staged” events by underscoring the military’s reliance on simulated warfare.

  • LAXART | Los Angels, CA

  • Feb 2018 - 13 May 2018

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Editing: Nira Pereg  |  Filming: Ziv Berkovich  | Sound design : Nati Zeidenstadt  |  Post: Tal Korjak | Exhibition design: Hanan Belisha

2018  | TRUTH OR DARE | Video diptych - 2 rooms synchronized screening | 10 MIN 48 sec.loop > Edition of 7+2AP

The video diptych TRUTH OR DARE confronts scenes from footage of American soldiers patrolling the streets of Baghdad, with American soldiers training to patrol in a simulated Iraqi street in Fort Irwin National Training Center- a major training area for the United States Military located in the Mojave Desert.The work turns our attention into the ways real or fake environments affect bodily unintentional choreography.


2018  | NATIVES | 07 MIN 41 sec.loop > Edition of 7+2AP

Due to the size of the Army base at fort Irwin, it is also defined as a protected natural reserve. As such, although the training involves the use of heavy artillery the Army based is committed to the safe preservation of its wild The video NATIVES follows the “invasion” of locally born wild boars to the living quarters of the base.


LAX ART Los Angeles, USA