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The sculpture MISSING! emerged during the Corona lockdowns, serving as an indoor monument within a larger exploration of protocols and prohibitions of movement.

The scaled-down bronze skeleton is carefully positioned to echo the iconic moment when Eleanor Roosevelt proudly presented the freshly printed poster of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in September 1948. In MISSING! this powerful gesture takes a poignant turn, as the poster of the human rights bill is replaced by red and white hazard tape— a flimsy souvenir of an unrealized ideal.

  • Bronze sculpture:  40/75 cm.

  • A Jerusalem Stone and its Replica in Brass.

  • Red and white hazard tape.

On view @ Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

ON VIEW                                                                                                        
 Group Show         2.12.2023-10.3.2024 

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts: "Geopoetics: Changing Nature of Threatening Worlds" 

curated by Dr. Patrick D. Flores, Kim Seong-Youn, and Dr. Viola Hsieh.

Work: 67 BOWS

RECENT EVENTS                                                                                             

 Solo Show         1.3-15.10. 2023   


 Group Show         17.6-22.4. 2023   

Group Exhibition at عن المركز Givat Haviva Art Gallery, Curated by Svetlana Reingold 

 Group Show         March-May. 2023   

SABBATH 2008  @ "VENI VIDI VIDEO" at  The Laurie M. Tisch Gallery at the MMJCCM; NYC, NY, USA 
Group exhibition curated by Saron Balaban with  Dara Birnbaum, Shirley Clarke, Keren Cytter, Maya Deren, Martha Rosler, Mika Rottenberg, Shelly Silver, Anita Thacher, Rona Yefman...

 Solo Show          29 Oct 2022 - 18 Feb 2023 

e-flux Nira Pereg / Patriarchs Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh | Scotland 

 Related Press : 

By Sofia Cotrona | 08 Dec 2022

"Pereg’s works highlight the mechanisms of exclusions in order to build complex and layered narratives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, partly influenced by her own positionality – as an Israeli artist, her nationality gave her the ability to record these documentaries, yet it inevitably reduced her access to certain Muslim spaces. For example, at the end of ABRAHAM ABRAHAM SARAH SARAH, the artist doesn’t have permission to record the Muslim worshippers entering the mosque as she does with the Jewish worshippers.

Yet the artist doesn’t shy away from traumatic events such as the 1994 massacre – and the everyday forms of violence and surveillance endured by Muslim Palestinians. ISHMAEL narrates the disappropriation of the Muslim minaret and records an instance where the sunset Adhan is forbidden by Israeli authorities in response to Jewish settlers’ demand to have their own call to the Mincha prayer at the same time. The title itself draws attention to these ideas – Ishmael was Abraham’s firstborn, who was then cast out and denied his rightful place. This religious narrative charges Pereg’s work with the themes of dispossession and disappropriation that defines the experience of living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. ...

"The three distinct shows are highly contrasting. Upstairs, Israeli artist Nira Pereg presents films made in the Cave of the Patriarchs in the Old City of Hebron in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Believed to be the place where Abraham is buried, it is among the most revered religious sites for Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Following a massacre in 1994 in which 29 Muslims were killed, it has been strictly divided into Jewish and Muslim areas, reinforced by bulletproof walls and checkpoints and the presence of the Israel Defence Force.

Pereg’s two-screen film, Abraham Abraham Sarah Sarah, focuses on the occasional days when, for special festivals, each faith gains access to the whole building for a 24-hour period. She films the moments of changeover: carpets being rolled up and stored, religious artifacts placed behind locked screens, Hebrew banners hung to cover up Arabic inscriptions. By homing in on the detail, the practical, the ordinary, she hints at the depths of division which surround this contested space."...

 Solo Show  15.9– 28.10, 202

The Script Remains the Same / Gene aynı Senaryo 

Depo Istanbul | Türkiye

Curator Vasif Kortun 

 Related Event : 

 Artist Talk  with Curator Vasif Kortun

@ Depo September 19– 18:00 PM   

 Academic Conference ​  ​ 

Sunday, December 12th, 2021

DES- German and European Studies: Conference on Comparative Aspects of Remembrance, Memory Politics and Inter-State Conflict: Eastern, Southeastern Europe and the Middle East (Online Conference)

 Solo Show 8.7-15.10-21 

Nira Pereg / Twilight Zones תוספת שבת 

Curator Ami Barak

View Exhibition Viewing Room at Braverman Gallery 

Tel-Aviv, Israel.

 Related Press : 

  • Haaretz: Heb  15.7.2021

אמנות | ביקורת אמנות- תוספת שבת TWILIGHT ZONES
אבי פיטשון
נירה פרג מציגה: איך הופכים ערימת מחסומים משטרתיים לחוויה אמנותית נעלה
בתערוכתה החדשה ממשיכה פרג לחקור התנהגות אנושית בסיטואציות טעונות פוליטית.
מבט-העל שלה מחליף קלישאות עבשות של התנגדות והיא מספקת
ה משלהבת להמסת גבולות

 ​PODCAST | Heb. 14.9.2021  ״לשם שמיים״

פודקאסט התרבות של בית הנסן - מרכז לעיצוב, מדיה וטכנולגיה

 רונן אידלמן ויונתן אמיר מארחים את נירה פרג

נירה פרג – לומדת מחסומים ומפרקת אותם״"

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