2012 | Jersualem
THREE channel synchronized Video   


2012  | Three Channel Demo of SCENARIO  5 min 12 sec.loop  | Edition of 7+2AP

Venice Architecture Biennale 2012 | Israel Pavilion

Curators:   Erez Ella, Milana Gitzin-Adiram, Dan Handel

Aircraft CarrierAmerican Ideas and Israeli Architectures after 1973

The work “Scenario” revolves around aspects of destruction: a state of architecture, which is often overlooked as such. Yet, it reveals many of the undercurrents and fears buried deep within society. Preparing for a building destroyed in an earthquake allows us to rehearse one thing without having to fear the other. We take actions to prepare for natural destruction; it is one way to remain silent on the less natural conditions that form a more credible threat.

In three chapters, displayed simultaneously in three separate screens, the work follows the choreography of such a “disaster zone” in a real civilian location:

Placing “fake” human victims in the chosen building—signified by dolls.

Tearing down the building in a specific way until it looks as though it has suffered an earthquake.

Staging a twenty-four-hour drill in which the “fake” victims are rescued and treated.

The constant feeling of imminent destruction is common in the Israeli psychic landscape. In the likely scenarios of that destruction, earthquakes are not on the immediate list. Nevertheless, Israel prepares for them, replacing the signifier of war with that of a natural disaster. This is not uncommon in world culture and politics. It is a conceptual sublimation. However, in Israel, this process exposes curious interactions between the state, acting as the destruction contractor, the private developers who benefit from a free ride, and the imagined public interest of better preparation toward disaster. 


2012  Center Channel of SCENARIO  |  Three Channel Video with Sound  |  Duration: 5 min 12 sec.loop  | Edition of 7+2AP


Editing: Nira Pereg  |  Filming: Nadav Harel & Nira Pereg  |

Sound design : Nati Zeidenstadt  |  Post: Tal Korjak

Exhibition design: Hanan Belisha



SCENARIO  at  Aircraft Carrier | Israeli Pavilion, Venice  2012


Exhibition Catalogue:

Aircraft Carrier American Ideas and Israeli Architectures after 1973

La Biennale Di Venezia, 13th International Architecture Exhibition, Israeli Pavillion, Venice 2012

Ed. Erez Ella, Milana Gitzin-Adiram, Dan Handel, text(s) by Milton Friedman, Justin Fowler, Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Tamar Berger, Or Aleksandrowicz, Edo Amin, contributions by Florian Holzherr, Fernando Guerra, Nira Pereg, Jan Tichy, Assaf Evron, Post Typography, graphic design by Ifat Yairi


2012. 176 pp., 127 ills.


16.70 x 23.10 cm

ISBN 978-3-7757-3468-4

Publisher: Hatje Cantz, September 2012